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Using the power of AI, dabbl builds a holistic career plan tailored to your interests, achievements, and extracurriculars. That means we’ll help you decide what classes to take next year and what extracurricular and summer activities to sign up for.

Taking it one step beyond, we also recommend personalized and fit-based majors, careers, and college programs aiming career success!

Build Your Professional Network

dabbl is the professional networking platform for students. Add peers and mentors to your network for guidance and support. Follow colleges and companies and choose your career with conviction. This is your place to connect, explore, learn, and share!

Build your professional network. Establish your brand.

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Go hands-on! dabbl enables you to gain real-world experience by suggesting personalized work-based learning opportunities, like internships, research programs, volunteering, and more.

Proceeding on your career journey with conviction and confidence.


Every student's school and career development co-pilot at their fingertips

AI-powered dabbl provides personalized guidance and recommendations, taking into account grades, coursework, and extracurricular activities. With dabbl, students create their professional network, find internships, and connect with mentors, colleges and companies.

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