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1. What is the importance of high school guidance counseling?

High school guidance counseling helps students explore colleges, majors, and career options, providing a roadmap for their future.

2. How can dabbL assist in college selection?

dabbL recommends fit-based colleges for the careers and majors of choice for each user, offers a social network platform where students can connect with peers, mentors, and counselors to gain insights into colleges and make informed decisions.

3. What is the role of majors in college education?

Majors define a student's area of specialization, guiding them towards a career path aligned with their interests and goals.

4. How does experiential learning benefit students?

Experiential learning offers hands-on experiences that complement theoretical knowledge, enhancing students' skills and preparing them for real-world challenges.

5. Why is creating a roadmap important for academic success?

A roadmap helps students set goals, track progress, and stay organized throughout their academic journey, promoting consistency and success.

6. How does dabbL's social network help with career development?

dabbL's social network enables students to connect with graduated seniors, mentors, and professionals, explore internship opportunities, and build a strong professional network for future advancement.

7. What resources does dabbL provide for exploring colleges?

dabbL offers tools for researching colleges, comparing programs, and accessing information on admissions criteria, tuition fees, and campus life.

8. How can high school guidance counseling enhance a student's self-awareness?

Guidance counseling helps students discover their strengths, interests, and values, empowering them to make informed decisions about their education and career.

9. What role does networking play in career development?

Networking allows individuals to build connections, gain valuable insights, and access opportunities that can accelerate their career growth and success.

10. In what ways can I benefit from dabbL's guidance counseling services?

dabbL's guidance counseling services provide personalized support, resources, and guidance to help students navigate the complexities of high school education and prepare for college and career success.