About dabbl

dabbl is revolutionizing the way students think about their careers. At dabbl we believe everyone deserves a clear path to success.

Our mission is to empower students own their career journey with confidence.

Our Principles

red and white cup beside book
red and white cup beside book

Student Centric Design

Always Available

Affordable and Inclusive

dabbL recognizes that students are unique individuals with different learning styles, preferences, and backgrounds. The focus is on creating engaging and interactive learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of students.

Student centric design emphasizes the importance of personalized learning, where students have the autonomy to explore topics of interest and set their own learning goals. By prioritizing the students' perspectives, interests, and abilities, this approach aims to foster a positive and inclusive learning environment that promotes student success and enhances their overall learning experience.

AI-powered guide available to students 24x7 thus eliminating the need to find time or schedule appointments

Affordable mobile application that is accessible to everyone regardless of grades and GPA. With dabbL's freemium offering, students can conveniently access a wide range of features and services at any time of the day. Its affordability makes it accessible to a larger audience, allowing everyone access to personalized guidance enabling success.


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Co-Founder / CTO

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dabbL Interns

I’m Samanya Girish, a junior at Notre Dame High School San Jose. I am interested in computer science and robotics. During my free time, I enjoy art, watching TV, and playing the violin. Through the dabbl internship I had the opportunity to grow my skills in app development and to expand my network while working with other interns.

I'm Romit Sachdev, a rising sophomore at Bellarmine College Preparatory. I am interested in web design and computer programming. In my free time, I like to read and play tennis, and also run for my school's cross country and track and field teams. My internship at dabbl has given me the first taste of a real job and improved my problem solving skills.

I’m Jaspreet Chahal, an incoming freshman at De Anza College majoring in Nursing. I’m interested in learning more about public health, and getting involved in the research for new scientific findings in medicine. In my free time I love listening to music and reading books. Through this Dabbl Internship I got to learn more about how to help high school students in ways that will benefit them in the future. It also allowed me to make more connections and learn more about things I haven’t before.