Fun Ways to Maximize Your Summer - Part I

6/16/20242 min read

woman wearing pink top jumping towards water during daytime
woman wearing pink top jumping towards water during daytime

Summer break is a magical time for high school students — no school bells, no homework, and a seemingly endless amount of free time. But how can you make the most of these precious weeks? In our last blog we talked about why it is important to rewind, reflect and prepare for the summer and now we will explore several options for the summer.

You have probably heard the refrain several times already to “maximize your summer” and not “waste the summer”. If your parents are obsessed about the uphill challenge that is college admissions, they are probably searching for that magic bullet that will optimize your college applications. Does this all mean summer ends up being a grind? It doesn’t have to be! Let’s explore ways summer can be productive as well as fun.

Volunteering Opportunities

Summer break gives you ample time to give back to your community while gaining valuable experience. Consider these ideas:

- Join a local food bank to help organize and distribute meals.

- Volunteer at animal shelters and help care for animals waiting for adoption.

- Assist at your local library to help organize events or tutor younger kids.

These activities not only benefit the community but also help build your empathy, communication, and teamwork skills. While these skills can help you in the short term for college applications, these are life skills that are necessary beyond high school and college.

Skill-Building Workshops

Look for workshops that cater to your interests and ambitions. If you are unsure of your interests (and you are not alone here), take advantage of workshops to explore as many options as possible. Many community centers, colleges, and online platforms offer summer workshops in areas like coding, photography, writing, or science, and at an affordable price too. Participating in these workshops can:

- Enhance your skills in a risk-free and focused setting.

- Provide valuable experiences that can be added to your resume or college applications.

- Connect you with mentors and peers who share your interests.

Seize the opportunity to learn something new and expand your horizons! These workshops will help you either confirm your interest or non-interest in a specific career choice, and hey, thats a huge step forward in your college and career journey.

Summer Reading Challenges

If you have spent any summers lounging in the library, you have already done this several times over. Challenge yourself with a summer reading list. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or professional books, reading can:

- Improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

- Help you discover new interests or deepen current ones.

- Offer a fantastic way to relax and escape.

While fun to go on a reading summer adventure, this activity also helps your preparation for college applications in elevating your reading comprehension and essay writing skills.

There are a lot of other choices for the summer including internships, research opportunities, summer jobs (which we will cover in the next blogs). Whatever you choose to do, soak up time with family and friends, to build your community of mentors and peers as you embark on the most exciting future prospects in your life. Tomorrow is inevitable and there's no point in stressing about ‘may-be’s. Breathe. Enjoy the present like the gift it is.

Happy Summer!